Quick maintenance & high capacity

Vector Industries has been known to be a premium manufacturer of water treatment products for the Power & Energy Industry for over 50 years.

Our products are designed to be low-maintenance so efforts can be focused on monitoring critical infrastructure elsewhere. Our 50 lbs Biocide Feeders can be piped in parallel to larger cooling towers required to run power generating plants. We offer transparent models so you can confirm proper function with a quick glance.

We’ve designed our high-pressure injection quills to handle up to 1000 PSI and also offer Bypass Feeders for the addition of closed-loop chemistry (up to 300 PSI).

  • Economy Series
    Bypass Feeders
  • FA Series
    Bypass Feeders
  • Stainless Steel Injection Quill
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  • Economate Series
    Biocide Feeders
  • Biomate 2000 Series
    Biocide Feeders