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Filter Kit for FA Series SKU: VF-

Filter Kit for FA Series

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Features & Benefits High Capacity Filtration Feature 316 Stainless Core Choose between 1, 5, 20, and 50 micron filters

Convert a Vector bypass feeder into a filter feeder by implementing our VF-700HT (2gal.) or VF-1000HT (5gal.)cold-loop conversion
units. Our filtration units seat with an O -ring seal to the bottom of our feeders forcing all water and sediment through the filter cartridges before being equally distributed throughout the powder or liquid chemicals in the feeder.

The filter housing is easily removed for maintenance with a new filter cartridge or for cleaning at a wash station. Operating temperatures should not exceed more than 200 °F (93 °C). Operating under higher temperatures than specified will result in swelling of the unit, causing malfunction.

For application in hot-loop systems, try our VF-700HT250 (2gal.) or VF-1000HT250 (5gal.) conversion units. These filtration housings
come equipped with a more sturdy brass handle, high-temp O-ring seats, and a spun-wound cotton filter cartridge featuring a sturdy
stainless steel core which will withstand operating temperatures up to 250 °F (121 °C).

Variations Offered
Model Temperature Rating Size
VF-700HT 200 °F 2 gallon
VF-1000HT 200 °F 5 gallon
VF-700HT250 250 °F 2 gallon
VF-1000HT250 250 °F 5 gallon
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