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Spun-Wound Filter Cartridge (250 °F max) SKU: 10084

Spun-Wound Filter Cartridge (250 °F max)

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Product Details
Features & Benefits Supports temperatures up to 300 °F (148.9 °C) Designed for maximum throughput and particle retention with minimal pressure drop Chemical resistant Core materials tin-plated steel

Vector High-Temperature Spun Wound Filters are designed to be use with our Bypass Feeders and meet the standards of a variety of industries. High-grade works well for a wide range of industries at an economical price. Closed-loop heating systems and engine jackets are typical applications of these filters. Use caution when handling hot filters.

  • Maximum temperature of 250 °F (121.1 °C)
Model Filter Size Temperature Rating
10084-1 1 micron 250 °F (121.1 °C)
10084-5 5 micron 250 °F (121.1 °C)
10084-20 20 micron 250 °F (121.1 °C)
10084-50 50 micron 250 °F (121.1 °C)
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