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Pleated Filter Cartridges (200 °F max) SKU: 10082

Pleated Filter Cartridges (200 °F max)

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Product Details
Features & Benefits Available in 7 different sizes (1-100 microns) Pleated cartridge with large surface area Increased capacity for sediment removal Cleanable and reusable High flow rate Color-coated end cap for easy identification of micron size

Filtration simplifies maintaining closed loops and it can even revive old ones. With this pleated cartridge filter, you are able to capture solid contaminants on the outer surfaces of the filter media. This enables you to have a low-cost, industrial strength filtration within your water system.


Model Filter Size Temperature Rating
10082-1 1 micron 200°F
10082-5 5 micron 200°F
10082-20 20 micron 200°F
10082-50 50 micron 200°F
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