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Replacement O-rings for Filter Kit SKU: O-Ring Kit

Replacement O-rings for Filter Kit

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Product Details
Features & Benefits Durable Viton for 250 F Easily Replaceable if Damaged Ensures a tight seal for prevention of leaks

Fix leaks by replacing the O-ring for your filter. If you have lost, damaged, or are in need of replacing your O-ring, you are able to get up and running again in no time with this simple replacement. O-rings are available with a temperature rating of 200 °F (93.3 °C)  or our high-temperature kit can withstand temperatures up to 250 °F (121.1 °C).

Variations Offered
O-Ring Kit
O-Ring Kit-HT250
Model Temperature Rating
O-Ring Kit 200°F
O-Ring Kit-HT250 250°F
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