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Check Valve

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Product Details
Features & Benefits Easily start & stop the flow for backflow prevention Both Socket and threaded end connectors included Long-lasting interior design Disassemble within seconds Non-clogging technology NSF and ASTM Listed

Vector check valves feature a unique check design that optimizes flow and minimizes flow resistance and pressure loss. The self-closing mechanism operates autonomously with minimal line pressure. The effort involved with cleaning and servicing the valve has been reduced to a minimum. The valve is absolutely leak-proof, even when closing very quickly. These valves are recommended for accurate readings on Corrosion Coupon Racks and for prevention of backflow on our Economate and BioMate Feeders.

Valves include both sockets and female threaded connections for easy installation. True Union design makes these easy to service without disassembling piping. Schedule 80 PVCs are thicker, stronger, and will handle higher pressures than Schedule 40 PVCs.

Model Pipe Diameter Material
CV-PVC-10050STE 1/2" PVC
CV-PVC-10075STE 3/4" PVC
CV-PVC-10100STE 1" PVC
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